Born on the 26th of June, Jawed is a creative, flamboyant, vivacious, and a die-hard optimist with an amazing zest for life. The relationship of this ‘Third Generation’ walking hair styling encyclopaedia to hair profession goes back to the late 1940s. His grandfather, was the official barber appointed to the President and he also used to cut hair of Lord Mount Batten, Pandit Nehru and other dignitaries. Jawed remained a keen observer and completed his hair education from a famous hair dressing school in London.

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Jawed Habib believes that education can change any profession. He is adding education in a very big way in this profession and the results are outstanding. He hones his skills and keeps learning every day. His success in this profession is largely attributed due to education. All his stylists are rigorously trained to provide great service experience to the customers.Jawed Habib Akter is a renowned hair stylist known for his association with fashion and film celebrities. Following the footsteps of his family profession, Jawed’s optimistic and amazing zest for life has made him the face of Indian Hair Styling. After studying French literature in Delhi, Jawed went to London’s Morris School of Hair Design specializing in Hair Coloring & Setting and Dressing Out.