Hair Yoga

Today’s world is progressing each second. New products no longer remain new as there are still ‘new’ products waiting to be offered! Everything appears to existing momentarily only. Also, consider the life which a people are living today; fast track, always on the move, everything to be made available instantly.

People are occupied with so many (self-defined) essential activities that they have little or no time for certain basic requirements of life like body and health care. Only when the biological clock rings the alarm, do they wake up to complete these essentials chores. Also the quest to go back to our roots is never ending. Today people long for and would pay through the sky to get the authentic stuff, especially food and services.

At Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty, we understand this burning desire in people of today. Through Hair Yoga, we introduce the ancient service of ‘Champi’ or Head Massage using oils specially created by the house of Jawed Habib. This service will be provided at JH Hair yoga ‘Champi Salons’ managed by trained masseurs. The program will involve 10 minutes of specialized head massage leaving the person relaxed and rejuvenated.

Through Hair Yoga, the ancient service of “Champi” is brought to the masses which rejuvenates your hair thereby giving you relief.


What we Offer

We offer extensive Hair Yoga services with semi facial and dry shampoo.
Space requirement: 100 sq ft to 300 sq ft
Franchise Fees: Rs. 5 Lac + Service Tax
Contract: 3 Years
Royalty: 15% monthly

Yoga for Hair kind of sells itself, doesn’t it?
Return on Capital Investment: 30% to 60%

If you have the capability to invest & manage your own unit, we don’t see any point of having any prior experience.
Capital Investment : Rs. 10,00,000 to Rs. 15,00,000

At JH, you just have to invest your time and we’ve got it all covered for you. Right from Staff recruitment to staff-up-gradation training we provide all that you just need. Salon management training, salon designing & artworks, marketing and promotion planning is all done by us.

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